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Some updates

July 3, 2009

First, I am finishing the job contract with my current employer, and therefore, I am again looking for a job. Fortunately, at the moment there are several interesting vacancies in different organizations in Bishkek. Not telling the names of organizations – I will try to apply there, and we will see what happens. If I get the job, you will find about it here in the blog.

Second, I am in St Petersburg of Russia at the moment. Or how locals call it – in Piter. Enjoying its long and beautiful “white nights“, and of course, raising of bridges across the Neva river. Plus, I have some jobs here to do – final assignments at my job. I am staying at a friend’s place not far from the center of the city. However, here, the term center and “not far” have very vague meanings, cuz, first, Piter has several centers, and second, in order to get to the “old city” from my place  it takes at least 30 minutes of riding in metro. Not far, huh?

Third, before coming to St Petersburg, I was in France, in its beautiful cities like Paris and Le Mans. Well, to tell that I fell in love with France is to tell nothing. Its old cities with stone-laid streets, museums full of history (the Louvre Museum just amazed me, its like they put the whole world’s heritage in there), parks also with rich history, and of course the Eiffel Tower… I bet everyone, who is interested in history, music, and arts, falls in love with France. Moreover, the famous French cuisine – fua gra, tartar, croissant and bagets…  It was like a dream, especially Paris, a city of lights. Several years ago, I could not even think of traveling there, not even in my wildest dreams. Even now, it seems like it was a long, at the same time very short, and very interesting dream.

And I am going back to Bishkek in a week. Really miss home, family and friends. Can’t wait to meet them and give all these souveniers from France and Russia that have already taken a good part of my luggage.

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