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Transparency International on corruption in Kyrgyzstan

July 4, 2009
Anti-corruption poster in Russia

Anti-corruption poster in Russia

or Kyrgyz “mainstream” mass media again sucks…

According to the latest news at, Miklos Marshall at Transparency International says Kyrgyzstan is 166th in worlds most corrupted countries list, as of 2008 data, but he thinks “its a very good index for the country.” Reminder: in 2006, Kyrgyzstan was 157th, in 2007 – 161st.

I bet a Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia at Transparency International would not say anything like that in a press conference. It means that editors at again forgot to proof-read the article they published. Or, they just made wrong analyzes. Well, in any case they should be more accurate with such things. It is serious, as they are quoting a high-profile person in the international organization. not only misinterpreted Miklos Marshall’s statement, but they even quoted him after it.

As to the director [Miklos Marshall] it is a very good index for the country. “However, the republic has been taking a number of measures against this evil for the last five years, giving hope that situation will change for the better if influence of civil sector strengthens,” Marshall said.

And they [mainstream media journalists] still dare to criticize and underestimate bloggers…

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  1. July 6, 2009 3:13 am

    I admire your courage…..

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