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Ma favourite disfunctional family ever

July 5, 2009

The Simpsons family

Or how I started watching the Simpsons… IT started last year in summer, when I was in Europe and had faster internet. So I could watch videos and films online. One nice day, while cooking and eating dinner, I got really bored, as there was not anyone to eat with, and I hate eating alone. So I took my laptop and googled “watch online”, and came across the Watch the Simpsons Online website. Then it started… I liked The Simpsons so much that I watched them everyday, whenever I had free time. The thing I love so much in the Simpsons is  that it can point at society’s most vital problems and criticize it via humor. And it makes it special and uniques, unlike most other animations.

Briefly about: The Simpson’s is an American animated comedy sitcom by FOX production major characterized by the Simpson Family.A typical family who live in Springfield living in an American culture , fictional characters have bulky eyes and wide mouths and yellow color bodies with different hair colors. Each of the family members have different but interesting characters that provide laughter and amusement to viewers. Read more


Most frequently shown characters

Back in Kyrgyzstan, there was a very little chance to enjoy the Simpsons, as the internet traffick in ADSL, DSL and Ethernet connections there costs so much that watching one episode of the Simpsons online can cost you a fortune. However, I could find was some old episodes in DVD, but they were all translated into Russian. Trying to listen to Homer speak Russian, I realised that original sound and language is better, as a lot of stuff gets lost in translation. Some Kyrgyz torrent (!) sites helped me from time to time, cuz they offered few episodes in English.

But I am here in Europe again, where internet connection is more or less better than in Kyrgyzstan. And I am enjoying the Simpsons watching the new episodes online. Oh, how I love this insane couch gag family.

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