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Apolitical Russians

July 7, 2009

Medvedev: Personal and business relationships must be in harmony

Today was the first official meeting of US president Barack Obama with president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Political experts and journalists talk about a fresh start in a relationship between Russia and US (Well, I fully agree with it, taking into consideration that during Bush the relationship worsened much). On-line and print mass media is packed with headlines like “Medvedev and Obama to make a nuclear deal” or “Obama and Medvdev: new foreign politics?” or “Eyes on Moscow: Medvedev’s first meeting with Obama”.

However, here in St Petersburg, it seems majority of ordinary people do not really care about what is going on in high echelons of politics in their country. Today I walked a lot in St Peterburg and a took short trip to Peterhof. I was curious, but I did not see anyone reading a newspaper or talking about their president’s meeting with president of US Barack Obama, not even in metro where people do read a lot. It was strange, as I did not know that people are so apolitical here. I wonder what the situation is like in other parts of Russia.

In Kyrgyzstan, things are a little bit different. Majority of people, especially aged 35+, are highly politically educated. If there is something big happening in politics of Kyrgyzstan, you can see people reading or talking, no, arguing about it. I personally had cases when I found talking to elderly persons about the death of Medet Sadyrkulov more interesting (well, biased and not-based in facts, but still fun:)) than reading about the same news in some Kyrgyz online news web sites 🙂

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