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First impressions

July 9, 2009

or again lame election campaign in Kyrgyzstan.

vote santa

So, I am finally back in Kyrgyzstan. Many people have been telling me that after being in Paris and St Petersburg, one of the biggest cultural spots of Europe, my first impressions back at home would be so-called ‘cultural shock‘ as a result of comparing European culture to ours. Well, not really, as I travel a lot and I got used to seeing the differences.

But anyway, I had some shock, kind of political one. Who won’t have it after seeing the ad billboards in Bishkek, and there is a whole bunch of them, filled with president Bakiev‘s campaign posters? (read more about presidential election campaign in Kyrgyzstan) Not a single sign of Atambaev, a candidate from opposition. Well, not counting the paint-sprayed calls to vote for him on the walls in different parts of the city. But this is o kind of vandalism, I guess. And just some posters of Dr. Nazaraliev.

It is hard to say whether or not president Bakiev is using his administrative resources and his current position in his presidential campaign. My point is that it is crystal clear that, on the face of it, president Bakiev has been PR’ing himself in ad billboards more than other candidates. And not only in billboards – according to observers, Kyrgyz TV has also been in favor of president Bakiev giving him more air time than to other candidates. Well, it is usual scenario for election campaigns in Central Asian countries.

Lets see what happens next. I will keep posting my comments on the election campaign in Kyrgyzstan.

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