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Dick Cheney’s secret to reveal

July 12, 2009
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Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney, 46th Vice President of US (2001-2009)

The New York Times informs that the Central Intelligence Service of the United States has been successfully hiding from Congress the counter-terrorist program designed after 9/11 events for almost 8 years. CIA kept it secret on the order of Mr. Dick Cheney, a Vice President under George Bush Jr, who ruled the country for 2 terms, 8 years. Mr. Cheney was a great secret keeper, and NYT confirms it writing that “[he] was the Bush administration’s most vehement defender of the secrecy of government activities, particularly in the intelligence arena.”

Mr. Dick Cheney is one of the most hated people in Muslim communities being accused of plotting “anti-Islam campaign around the world” and giving speeches that have subtexts saying Muslims are threat to US security. I bet this news will catalyze more rumors and conspiracy theories around the world that Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush Jr., the latter actually equalled the campaign against terrorism with crusade in September 2001, plotted various programs against Muslim world during the ‘War on Terror‘, and kept them secret from Congress and the whole world.

So… waterboarding, secret counter-terrorist program… what else is CIA hiding from us?

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