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Racism or Islamophobia?

July 12, 2009
Merwa Sherbini, 33, was stabbed 18 times in a courthouse in Dresden, Germany

Marwa Sherbini, 33, was stabbed 18 times in a courtroom in Dresden, Germany

A week ago the world was shaken by the news from Dresden, Germany, where a Muslim pregnant woman was stabbed to death in a courtroom in front of her husband and three-yeah-old son…

The woman’s name was Marwa Sherbini, 33 year old immigrant from Egypt. She was stabbed 18 times by a person identified as Alex A., a German originally from Russia, whom Sherbini sued for insult and abuse, because, according to CNN, Alex A. “called Sherbini, who wore a headscarf, “terrorist,” “bitch” and “Islamist” when she asked him to leave a swing for her 3-year-old son Mustafa during an August 2008 visit to a children’s park.”

Not only Sherbini, but her husband Elwi Ali Okaz, academic from Egypt, was also stabbed three times by the attacker and mistekenly shot on the leg by court security.

This news has already caused protests and demonstrations of Muslims around the world. There are again talks about how islamophobic the European society has become. Twitter, Facebook, and blog platforms are full of messages discussing if it was a racist or islamophobic murder. Many of them believe that Alex A. was both racist and islamophobic, and they started calling Marwa Sherbini ‘a martyr of the veil’, a label that quickly became a synonym for Sherbini’s name.

Internet is full of different information on the case. Most of them are detailed, but at the same time not enough to learn the real intentions and reasons of Alex A. I personally think that murderer Alex A. did not have any moral right to call Marwa Sherbini a “terrorist”, “bitch”, and “Islamist” just because she was wearing a headscarf. If he really insulted her like this, he is for sure islamophobic, and his reasons to attack a pregnant woman in front of her husband and three-year-old son were based on his islamophobic beliefs.

Anyway, let’s see how the German juridical system deals with the case.

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