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Who are you?

July 20, 2009

Tomorrow, I am meeting Bakyt Beshimov, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan, (and some other PMs from Ak-Jol) to interview on upcoming presidential elections. As usually, I was doing some background research on him, and rediscovered his blog. He has got some good ideas there.

For example, Beshimov divides the society of Kyrgyzstan roughly into 3 categories:

  • 1st – freedom fighters. Beshimov does not elaborate on this category. I guess its those people, who risk their lives and freedom, and fight for a change in society.
  • 2nd – conformists – change though engagement. I guess its those, who want to change the society for better, but do not do it like freedom fighters. They engage with the existing regime and try achieve changes working within.
  • 3rd – pofigisty. Perfectly chosen term (Russian) for ‘those who do not care’. Beshimov further explains that for this category “motherland is less important than a match between Barcelona and Manchester United.”

However, PM Bakyt Beshimov assumes that there may the 3rd category, possibly the most powerfull one. As, according to Beshimov, “any decaying society is always replaced with a new one…”

I liked Beshimov’s ideas, they seemed very interestig to me. While reading, I started thinking what category I was in. Thought-provoking…

Question to all: Who are you? What category you belong to? And why?

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