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July 31, 2009

newsboyI just saw an old man in the center of Bishkek selling The Vecherniy Bishkek newspapers. He does not have a shop, but sells newspapers in the street to passers by, car drivers, and eaters in cafes. It reminded me of my childhood in Aravan, a village were I was born. When I was 11 year old kid, I used to sell newspapers myself. Flashbacks were so clear that I started remembering everything at my job as a newspaper boy. As I studied, I worked only during the weekends. The newspaper, where I worked, was called The Tepakorgon Tongi (Morning of Tepakorgon – Tepakorgon is a small village to the North from Aravan). Published once a week having only 4 pages, the weekly was in demand, as it had many interesting stories and jokes, and the schedule of TV programs. I used to sell 100 newspapers every weekend – it cost 1 som, and my share was 30 tiyins (cents) from each sold newspaper.

It was my first job, and the first thing I bought for my salary was “Tokyo” brand trousers. Trousers of this brad were in fashion then 🙂

Its amazing how time passes so fast…

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