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Krultai of Harmony – do we really need it?

February 17, 2010

Old men in Aksy village (Photo by Fergana.Ru)

The Kyrgyz government is planning to launch the “Kurultai of Harmony” on March 23, 2010, during which 750 community representatives throughout the whole of Kyrgyztan shall gather in Bishkek for direct dialogue with state officials.  The Kurultai shall headed by Bakiev himself.  It’s intended to to resolve several important problems.

Many people have been wondering — does the country really need it?

My personal answer is no. Why? Primarily because, considering the expense of launching the event, it is yet another unwise decision of spending taxpayers’ money.  Today, when every penny must be wisely spent, this will not help the Kyrgyz economy.

There are three other reasons why I think this Kurultai will be a total failure.

Read the full post at neweurasia.

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